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Renowned as a diver’s paradise, the waters at Lombok and The Gili Islands boast incredible biodiversity, crystal-clear visibility and year-round warm temperatures. More than 20 dive sites with different topographies such as walls, slopes, wrecks or canyons inhabit a large variety of marine species are available.

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The Lombok Lodge is the perfect place for embarking on a PADI dive session or PADI scuba diving course. Single- or two-tank dives as well dive safaris at secluded reefs by one of the ‘Lombok Lodge’ boats. We offer the full range of PADI dive courses from beginner to divemaster and professional level, as well as extensions to certification levels with speciality courses in deep diving, underwater photography, buoyancy and more. No request is too great and no detail too small.

The Lombok Lodge dive centre is led by a team of professional PADI divers of a well knowned PADI IDC centre with new and quality brand equipment.

You are a certified diver but it’s been a while since your last dive? Or are you lacking confidence to go fun diving?
Read more about our Scuba Refresh program >

You never dived before and you would like to try, we can teach you!
Read more about our PADI Open Water Diver Course >

If you would like to extend your diving skills, you can do the Advanced Course, some specialty courses like Nitrox or a Deep specialty or even a Rescue Course. Read more >

Interested in professional level courses such as the Divemaster Course and the Instructor Course?
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Your children can also learn to dive! As from 10 years old children can join the Open Water Diver Course.
Starting from 8 years old, children can take a Bubblemaker introduction dive in the swimming pool.
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P A D I – D I V I N G – P R I V A T E

Already a certified diver and looking for fun diving to remember?
The Lombok Lodge Private Dive Sessions are a perfect choice!
We work with experienced and multilingual scuba dive instructors, who are teaching within the PADI standards and regulations.

Water & Towels will be provided
Free use of GoPro Camera & a copy of the photos after the trip

P A D I – D I V I N G – G R O U P

We cater 3 dives a day – at 8:30am, 11:30am and 2:30pm. You can also sign up for a night dive. We dive in small groups of max 4 divers from the same level per guide or instructor. We can provide air as well as Nitrox blends. For group dives we cooperate with a 5 star PADI IDC centre and Career Development Centre with new and quality brand equipment, located at Gili Air.

Water & Towels will be provided

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This introduction to diving is a half day course where we teach you the basics in the pool and then take you on a boat dive. This is the perfect experience to give you a taste of diving. If you want to find out but aren’t quite ready to take the full Open Water Course, the Discover Scuba Diving will let you try scuba diving to see if you like it.

The discover scuba diving program is a program were you will be trained by one of our PADI scuba dive instructors. Theory of 30 minutes plus trial in the swimming pool and continue with one time dive.

This scuba diving program is actually not a scuba certification. However during this introduction dive you’ll learn how to use scuba equipment, how to swim underwater and you’ll get a proper introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world during an ocean dive to 12 meters.

During the dive your instructor will show you all the beautiful underwater world of the Gili Islands. There is a big chance for you to spot some turtles, clown fish, lion fish and blue star fish. We will give you a dive experience you will never forget!

Before you go in the pool we have to go over the explanation of the scuba equipment and the skill you have to master in the pool.

The skills in the pool:
You dive in the pool with an experienced dive instructor close to you. In the pool he will demonstrate all skills and you will practise them. The skills are: Inflate and deflate buoyancy control device, breathing underwater, equalization techniques, regulator clearing (2 ways), regulator recovery, learing a partial floated mask and swimming around the pool.

The certificate is applicable for one year
Free use of GoPro Camera & a copy of the photos after the trip
Advance reservation recommended

If you like to dive more after your introduction dive we have several options:

1. Another dive under direct supervision of a dive instructor. Still you don’t earn a scuba diving certification. But it is the best option if you are time limited or if you don’t like to study.

2. Starting your Open Water Course. This takes just 3 days more. And at the end, if you meet all performance requirements, you will be certified as an open water diver. This means you can dive together with another certified diver to a depth of 18 meters. Read more >

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The PADI Open Water Course takes 4 days lesson.
One day for theory, two days of diving (2 dives per person) and one day for examination.

Official PADI Dive Certificate
Water & Towels will be provided
Free use of GoPro Camera during the 2 diving days & a copy of the photos after the trip
Advance reservation recommended

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Padi Bubble Maker

As from 8 years old, children can have an underwater experience by scuba diving at The Lombok Lodge swimming pool.

The PADI Bubblemaker is a real underwater party, conducted by our team of professional scuba instructors. In the pool, not deeper than 2 meter, we will teach the kids the basic diving techniques to dive safe. It is also possible after the pool to dive in confined open water with a maximum depth of 2 meters with a dive instructor. A session takes half a day, pool and confined open water session.

What will the kids learn during the Bubblemaker Program?
Experience how it is to dive under direct supervision of a PADI Instructor, Taking their first breaths underwater, Dealing with scuba equipment special designed for kids, Being aware of the beautiful underwater world of the Gili Islands.

– Equipment for the children –
We have special equipment for the children, little BCDs, fins, masks and tanks. Nothing is more frustrating for the children when the equipment doesn’t fit. It will take the fun part away. Our goal is to dive safe with the children and make them comfortable and safe divers with awareness for the environment.

Advance reservation recommended

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P A D I – J U N I O R – O P E N – W A T E R – C O U R S E

As from 10 years old, children can take the full Junior Open Water Diver Course and enjoy scuba diving in the ocean, anywhere in the world. Our Open Water Course takes 4 days. The course is not different comparing to the adult open water course. The children have to master the same knowledge and skills as the adults. Only there is a different depth restriction for 10-11 years old children comparing to the 12 years and older, they can go only to a maximum depth of 12 meters instead of 18 meters.

If the children are certified and they have their open water certification, we offer them the possibility to continue their diving education with the junior advanced course. This course has 5 dives with one of our dive instructors. Navigation and deep are the required dives. The children can choose the other 3 dives by their own interest, like wreck, photo and fish identification. The only difference with the adult course is that the 12 till 15 years old children can dive to a maximum depth of 21 meters instead of 30.

– Equipment for the teenagers –
We have special equipment for the teenagers, special BCDs, fins, masks and tanks. Nothing is more frustrating for the teenagers when the equipment doesn’t fit. It will take the fun part away. Our goal is to dive safe with the teenagers and make them comfortable and safe divers with awareness for the environment.

Advance reservation recommended

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Do you like to refresh your diving skills?
Tune up your diving knowledge and skills while staying at The Lombok Lodge and get you back in the water feeling comfortable and confident, all in less than a day.

We recommend that any diver who has not dived for 1 year or more consider this refresher course. The fundamental skills and equipment set-up will be reviewed, as well as the theory. An ocean dive concludes this scuba review. All the practised knowledge and skills are done for you. So you can enjoy your dive in a safe and comfortable manner with your PADI dive instructor or with one of our local divemasters.

What kind of skills can you expect during a Scuba Review in the pool?
During the pool session you have to perform the following skills: remove, replace and clear a mask, become neutrally buoyant and hover, emergency weight drop, alternate air source ascent. You have to act as donor and receiver. You are possible to practice any skills you like like to practice. There is no time limit. We like that you are comfortable in the water.

What to expect during the ocean dive?
After the pool session you will have an ocean dive. You and your instructor will go with our boat to one of the diving spots around the Gili Islands. During the dive there are no skills. You have done them already in the pool, isn’t it? Your underwater adventure starts with a buddy check before you go in the water. During the dive you will amazed about the beautiful marine life. Hopefully you will see some turtles, clown fish, sea stars, and all the other fish.

After the dive you will log your dive with your instructor.
After this tune up you will be ready to join for some fun dives!

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Next step after the Open Water Course is the Advanced Open Water Course. This course includes 5 adventure dives. Two of these dives are required, the deep dive and the navigation dive. For the other 3 dive sessions you can choose out of all the other adventure dives that we can offer you.

The Advanced Open Water course, has an extensive array of scuba speciality dives to choose from. Deep diving, wreck diving, side-mount diving, fish ID, night diving, and so much more! You will complete five speciality dives all under the expert supervision of one of our scuba diving Instructors.

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J U N I O R – A D V A N C E D – O P E N – W A T E R

If your children are already certified and they have the age between the 12 and 15, we can offer the Junior Advanced Open Water Course to them. The course is exactly the same as the adult course. The only difference is the maximum depth limitation of 21 meters instead of 30 meters. At an age of 15 years your children can do an upgrade to advanced diver.

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PADI Specialty Diver courses are a good way of safely discovering specific diving environments that may require a little more skills and knowledge than those gained in the Open Water or Advanced Open Water Diver courses. The Specialty Diver courses are an excellent choice for people who are really enjoying certain diving environments and wishing to learn how to explore them safely, getting the most fun from them.

We offer a wide range of PADI Specialty courses.
Have a look through the specialities below and see if any triggers your interest.

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