Diving in Lombok

Diving in Lombok: An Unforgettable Experience

3 April 2024

Looking for an unforgettable dive experience?
Lombok Island has it all, and with TLL Hospitality, your underwater adventure is just a booking away.



Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned diver. Our sessions cater to all levels, from quick dives to immersive safaris to hidden spots. Explore vibrant reefs, encounter sea turtles, and maybe even spot a baby shark. Our experienced guides ensure a safe and enjoyable dive every time.

Discover Lombok’s underwater wonders, from thrilling drift dives to fascinating cultural sites. With TLL Hospitality, it’s more than just diving. It’s an experience to remember.



Diving in Lombok

Experience the thrill of scuba diving in the comfort and privacy of your own villa’s 20m infinity pool. Whether you’re a beginner eager to dip your toes into the world of diving or seeking full certification, we’ve got you covered with our exclusive dive programs.

Take the plunge with our introductory session, perfect for beginners. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you’ll learn basic diving skills and experience the magic of underwater exploration in the safe and controlled environment of the 20m infinity pool of your private beach Villa.

Become a certified diver in just 3 days! Immerse yourself in the theory of diving during your stay at your private beach villa. Enjoy two exhilarating days of diving with two dives per day. Master essential skills, explore vibrant marine life, and earn your official PADI Dive Certificate, unlocking a world of underwater adventures.

Document your underwater journey with complimentary use of a GoPro 11 camera. Cherish the memories and share your epic dives with friends and family, all while soaking in the stunning views of your private villa oasis.



Water and towels provided for your comfort, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable diving experience. Advance reservation is recommended to book our dive instructors & private boats.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure. Dive into Luxury during your stay at one of the Private Beach Villas at Lombok’s Private Villa Estate. Book now!


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