Sustainability in Lombok I The Estate Organic Gardens by the Sea

17 January 2024

Singapore offers its beautiful ‘Gardens By The Bay‘, at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality we proudly introduce you to our ‘Organic Gardens by The Sea’ at Lombok’s Private Villa Estate, Gondang Village. Reconnect with nature and revitalize your mind with a walk through our beautiful Organic Gardens!

The Organic Gardens of the Private Villa Estate offer a fruit and vegetable garden with great botanical diversity; 2 Hectares and 4 Clusters spanning vegetable areas, stone and pome fruits, nuts, citrus, berries, bees, and herbs. Turtles are currently nesting, some hatching. Our own chicken farm will follow soon.

Every one of the more than 300 varieties of plants in the garden is edible or has medicinal value. They are also grown as organically as possible and in a biologically sustainable manner. The fruit and vegetables from the garden are harvested all year round for use in two farm-to-table restaurant concepts.

Our head gardener Pak Ketut and his team tend the plants that have flourished beyond expectation – so much so that it’s quite hard to believe that the garden is still relatively young.


Every aspect of The Private Villa Estate Hospitality – including the contemporary Private Villas, the Estate Boutique and the OFYR Grill Restaurant – is led by the ever-changing tapestry and botanical diversity of the garden. Chef Jiwa Raga’s delicous menus are always guided by what is available in the garden.

At The Lombok Lodge Hospitality, we have a farm-to-table philosophy which means we like to serve food that is seasonal and that reflects our ‘pick, clean and serve’ approach.

On all the plots, the garden beds are permanent in order to develop soil biodiversity. Crops are very diverse and planted in a very high density. What characterizes a kitchen garden system is the prompt succession of the plants with the goal of having high yields on smaller surfaces.


Total surface : appox. 80sqm
Villa Dua Organic Garden is dedicated to Vanilla Plants


Total surface : appox. 80sqm
Villa Telu Organic Garden is dedicated to Lombok Chili and Organic Tomatoes


Total surface : appox. 80sqm
Villa Telu Organic Garden is dedicated to Lombok Chili and Organic Tomatoes


Total surface : appox. 20sqm Plant capacity : approx. 198 plants
Plot 3 is be dedicated to Chef’s Jiwa’s Organic Herbs
Mint – Peppermint Rosemary – Dill – Parsley (flat & curly) Italian – Terragon – Koriander – Thyme – Chives – Oregano


Total surface : appox. 80sqm
Plot 4 is dedicated to Carrots, Aubergines, Zucchinis, Jalapeño, Red, Green, Yellow & Purple Paprika



We support the local community by educate them during planting phases, harvesting phases, checking soil quality and crop rotations.


Book a guided walk to discover our special collections. One of our experienced gardeners will be your guide on this tour, during which we encourage you to pick, taste, smell and touch while walking through our garden and learning about sustainability at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Concepts.


IT MUST BE NOW is a legacy project by hoteliers to help hoteliers thrive. NOW – – defines sustainability as wellbeing of people and our planet. It’s development and action that takes responsibility for our total impact on the community and the environment, to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The goal is to support the 17 Global Goals and be Climate Positive this decade.

NOW raises the bar on reporting standards, makes sustainability a SOP and core to all strategies, prepare future leaders in hospitality and tourism to be knowledgeable about sustainability solutions with accountability and transparency, Clean Growth and the need to be Climate Positive this decade. Read more at


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