Luxury Villa in Lombok I Your Ultimate Chillaxation Day

21 June 2024

Yes, Chillaxation Day! It’s time for – another – relaxing day at the Privacy of your Lombok Villa. Combine ‘Chilling’ and much-needed ‘Relaxation’ – a perfect mix of taking it easy while also actively prioritizing self-care. Slow down and let yourself unwind, without feeling like you need to be doing something productive or active all the time. Put on some comfy clothes, kick back, and enjoy your Chillaxation Day!

A Perfect Chillaxation Day at Lombok Villa


My personal perfect ‘Chillaxation Day’ here at Lombok Villa starts with a good night’s sleep and waking up as early as possible. The mornings at The Estate are incredibly beautiful. Did you know the iron holder in front of your bedroom door is there in order to install your ‘Privacy Sign’?

I start the day with a slow, peaceful morning routine. After having a cup of fresh ginger tea from our organic gardens, I usually walk to ‘The Estate Surya Sevana’ Hotspot’ – located in front of Villa Sekeq, located East Wing of The Estate, to welcome the sun. As ‘Sunrise at The Private Villa Estate’ means sunrise over Gondang’s Rice Paddy Fields and Mount Rinjani. Extremely Beautiful. Unique. Truly Special. Full of Glory. Read more at –

After breakfast, I would usually spend some time doing a short, gentle yoga practice to center my body. This would help me to release any tension or stress that I might be holding onto – 

Once I’ve completed my practice, I would move onto something that brings me joy and helps me to relax. This could be anything from listening to music, or simply indulging in a guilty pleasure like binge-watching a favorite show on Netflix in the Home Theatre of my villa.

I take frequent breaks throughout the day to stretch, move my body, and take some time to connect with nature. Whether it’s by swimming some laps, motivated by my favorite sounds through my Bang & Olufsen Speaker, a short work-out at The Estate Gym, a beach walk or an Estate walk checking The Estate Bee Lodges, Chef Jiwa’s Tomatoes or Chili plantation at ‘The Organic Gardens by The Sea’ at The Estate. Or simply sitting outside on the Terrace of my own bar – ‘Ben’s Bar’. Enjoying the Sea Breeze and Fresh Air and ‘Being in Nature’ helps me to feel grounded and relaxed.


For lunch, during my personal ‘Chillaxation Day’ I often try a new recipe or experiment from Chef Jiwa with some different new ingredients to keep things interesting. Discover the most recent new additions to our Lunch Menu >

In the afternoon, I continue with my leisure activities and spend some time connecting with loved ones. Whether it’s a game of scrabble or rummikub, playing table tennis at The Estate, an hour of jet-ski or banana boat fun in front of the villa, connecting with others is an important part of staying relaxed and centered.

Did you know both board games are available at every villa of The Estate? Have you noticed that table tennis balls and paddles are ready for you in your villa? Did you know The Estate Table Tennis is located near The Estate Gym? For Jet-Ski & Banana Boat Fun, click here >

Another of my favorite afternoon activities is an hour of pre-sunset fishing in front of The Estate. Fishing with traditional local fishermen is so unique and so highly recommended while staying at The Estate.
Read more at >


As the day comes to a close, I usually wind down a delicious sunset drink at one of the sun loungers of the villa overlooking Bali’s beautiful Mount Agung. And last but not least, the most satisfying way to end my Chillaxation Day is by enjoying one of Chef Jiwa’s new Chef’s Table Concepts at The Estate Grill RestaurantOFYR.
A Fun and Enjoyable way to end a great day off.


It’s all about taking time for yourself, doing things that bring you joy, and allowing yourself to unwind and recharge.

Enjoy your personal ‘Chillaxation’ at The Estate!

Owner & Co-Founder of The Lombok Lodge Hospitality



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