Here Comes The Sun I Lombok’s Sunrise Ritual

14 January 2023

Witnessing the sunrise in Lombok at Lombok’s Private Villa Estate is an enchanting and unforgettable experience.

The morning sun illuminates the rice paddies and mountains, creating a breathtaking and unique spectacle. It’s a moment filled with glory, wealth, and radiant light that leaves a lasting impression.

Surya Sevana – Worshiping Lord Surya

Indonesia’s ritual and spiritual life are rich in meanings and symbols. ‘Surya Sevana’ or ‘Surya Namaskar,’ the worship of Lord Surya (the Sun), holds a special place in Hindu traditions. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, morning sun worship brings miraculous benefits and positive effects.

The Soul of the Universe

In Hindu mythology, people consider the sun as the soul of the universe. They revere Lord Surya as the bestower of knowledge, divinity, and vitality, believed to be the very soul of the universe. The sun’s energy plays a crucial role in influencing different aspects of human health, such as the heart, head, eyes, and overall well-being. Hindu astrology views the sun as the significator of the soul, and people hold deep cultural significance in the traditional practice of offering water to the sun.

Worshiping & Mantras

Chanting morning mantras, especially ‘Surya Sevana,’ sets a positive tone for the day. Mantras, along with meditation and conscious breathing, help internalize positive consciousness. Chanting the “Om Surya Namah” mantra on Sun Days is believed to bring pleasure, good health, and wealth.

Why Offer Water to the Sun?

Both tradition and science root for the practice of offering water to the sun. When water refracts the sun’s rays, it breaks them into a spectrum of colors. Believers in this natural ‘water therapy of sun rays’ think it balances the body’s doshas and positively influences health. They consider it a way to tap into the sun’s energy for natural well-being.

A Routine in Sync with Nature and Sun

Emphasize aligning your routine with nature and the sun for a healthy and fulfilling life. Consider Brahma muhurta, the creator’s hour, as an ideal time for yoga and meditation. Ayurveda divides a morning routine into three parts, incorporating reflection, hydration, exercise, and exposure to fresh air and sunlight.

Secret for Success: Surya Sevana Ritual

Performing the ‘Surya Sevana’ ritual is seen as a secret to a successful life. The practice involves offering water to the Sun, following specific rules like not looking directly at the sun, and using sacred products. Many believe this ritual brings balance to mind and body, considering it the missing key to a successful and harmonious life. They think that daily adherence to ‘Surya Sevana’ works its magic within seven days, transforming life positively.

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