24 June 2024

Lombok’s Private Villa Estate; 9 Exclusive Beach Villas with private 20m Infinity Pool. A Premier Destination for Leisure, Wellness, and Culinary Delights. Welcome to The Estate, where sophistication meets tranquility, creating an idyllic escape that caters to all your desires—from active pursuits and wellness treatments..

Sustainability in Lombok I The Estate Organic Gardens by the Sea

23 June 2024

Singapore offers its beautiful ‘Gardens By The Bay‘, at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality we proudly introduce you to our ‘Organic Gardens by The Sea’ at Lombok’s Private Villa Estate, Gondang Village. Reconnect with nature and revitalize your mind with a walk through our beautiful Organic..

Scooter Trips in Lombok I Enjoy the Ride

21 June 2024

With beautiful beaches, rice paddies, epic volcanoes, remote villages, moungtains and spectacular surf spots, Lombok Island will leave you with memories of a lifetime that you won’t be able to wait to share with family and friends. Road infrastructure in Lombok is fantastic. Therefore, one..

Luxury Villa in Lombok I Your Ultimate Chillaxation Day

21 June 2024

Yes, Chillaxation Day! It’s time for – another – relaxing day at the Privacy of your Lombok Villa. Combine ‘Chilling’ and much-needed ‘Relaxation’ – a perfect mix of taking it easy while also actively prioritizing self-care. Slow down and let yourself unwind, without feeling like..

What your Probably don’t know about Lombok

20 June 2024

Lombok Island is the rising star in Indonesian tourism. While it’s true that it is growing in popularity, it’s still nowhere near as popular as its neighbor – Bali. Lombok has a lot to offer to visitors. In fact, in some ways, Lombok is a..

The Fascinating World of Stingless Bees

20 June 2024

NEW GUEST ACTIVITY A perfect choice for families with young children – Do you know that we have our own bees and our own beekeeper at The Lombok Lodge Private Villa Estate?  Our bees produce honey that is served for breakfast and during the daily..

Your Easy Bali Guide: 7 Tips for an Awesome Trip

20 June 2024

Planning to combine Lombok & Bali? Get ready for an adventure filled with cultural wonders, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality. To make your journey hassle-free and memorable, here is your easy Bali guide, dos, and don’ts to keep in mind when traveling to the enchanting..

Unlocking Paradise: Discovering the Charm of The Gili Islands

17 June 2024

Embark on a tropical adventure like no other as we unveil the hidden gems of The Gili Islands. Nestled in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago, these enchanting islands are a haven for travelers seeking a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. Join us as..

Gili Glampers Get Ready for Gili Island Glamping

17 June 2024

Nestled in the heart of the pristine Gili Meno in Indonesia, Bagno Di Gili stands as a beloved destination for those in search of an exclusive tropical Gili Island Glamping paradise. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters, picturesque island views, and swaying palm trees, Bagno Di Gili..